School Visits


Edupets provides educational visits to schools throughout Pembrokeshire and West Wales. We aim to provide a fun and educational school visit whilst allowing hands on learning.  We can also tailor packages to suit a particular theme, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Nursery / Meithrin

  • Brilliant bugs.  Children can meet a variety on mini beasts from the slimy snails, to the magnificent millipedes.
  • Senses and textures.  Children can feel the different textures of a wide range of animals as well as leaning about some of the animals senses too.
  • Springtime special:  Chicks, tadpoles, etc.  This is all about lifecycles that take place in the spring.  A great package in the run up to Easter.
  • Animal patterns. A fun look into how and why animal patterns differ.

Primary School

  • Amazing Minibeasts. Children will meet a variety of minibeasts, and also learn about their role in our environment,
  • Ecosystems.
  • Animal Classification.
  • Pet care including research, responsibility and duty of care of a variety of animals.
  • Helping our environment,  The consequences of dropping litter through to helping our wildlife.
  • Habitats, and how animals adapt to live there.
  • Spring Special: Life cycles including the story of the chicken and the egg, supported by some fluffy guests.
  • Night time adventures. A look into nocturnal animals and their habits.
  • Autumn adventures. How some animals prepare for the change of the seasons, hibernation, food storage etc,

Secondary School

  • Ecosystems and food webs.
  • Classification.
  • Animal adaptations and Habitats.
  • Biodiversity.
  • Environment.
  • Introduction to working with animals.

Special Needs

  • Groups, centres, homes or even one to one visits. We bring the animals for a session to suit the individual / group’s needs.  This can be anything from a handling session to a sensory visit.  It is very rewarding when the presence of animals stimulates a positive reaction in some people. Please contact Kara for more information.